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7422notetab std 5

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  • dave
    Jul 31, 2006
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      my version of 4.95 has always ran in d:\ ,the icons update virtually
      instantiously ,so I moved the hole folder some where's else. I then
      installed version 5 in a fresh folder.
      from then on ,the icons have been s-l-o-w like the man said , so what I
      tried was to move the icons into Application Data folder for version 5 ,the
      program still loaded really slow ,they were in the library folder. After
      that failed I moved them back .
      I then moved the favorites and the ini back to my folder for 5 changed the
      ini to suit an d deleted notetab folder in Application Data, I think things
      were slightly faster but not by much.
      I think was said that this is a minor thing , I have and changed made new
      icons for 4.95 and they have never ever been like this ?
      I do not know what Eric did but he has changed the way memory is organized
      for the clipbars I think .
      He sort of needs to allow memory for the clipbars and write the program
      to suit ," I know I use this much this time odds are I will use the same
      amount next time"
      so that space is there icons immediately load.