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7413HELP: 30 seconds to open txt file is killing me

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  • xtx222003
    Jul 25, 2006
      Hi Dave,

      Unfortunately NTP behaves the same with or without:
      * other programs operating,
      * libraries opened or installed,
      * antivirus on or off,
      * beta 5 same problem,
      * clicking on a txt file or opening it with in NTP.

      It doesn't happen with any other file type, only txt and html opened
      with NTP, and they are no larger than 20 KB.

      * I'm using Win XP Home sp2,
      * on a 1 year old computer,
      * with RAM to spare,
      * with a LAN that serves everything else up including my music
      without a hitch,
      * all virus and spyware free.

      So it would appear to be specific to NTP and not my computer.

      Possibly the fact that I have to resort to using the rrNotepad.clb to
      force the replacing of Notepad with NoteTab may have something to do
      with it? But, even when I turn this off it still takes the same time
      to open a file.

      I love NTP, but this behavior is a real show stopper. My work demands
      that I am able to get into files in a timely manner.

      Any ideas besides OS transplant are welcome. I really don't want to
      leave NTP, but I'm getting anxious as a mega project is looming, and
      need some text editing program as simple and easy to work with as
      NTP. All suggestions will be welcomed with open arms.

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