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7403If-Then-Else Loop

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  • Jeff Scism
    Jul 16, 2006
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      One of the common problems I run into is email addresses in HTML
      documents getting misconfigured as a URL, vs. a "mailto:" link.

      Is there a tutorial on creating If-Then-Else-Replace loops?

      I want to set up a directory searching clip that checks URLs for the @
      symbol, IF found check that URL Link to verify the "mailto:" part is
      there, if found go to next, but if not found replace '<a href="' with
      '<a href="mailto:'

      Then loop to the next hyperlink, stepping through all docs in the
      directory. (screenupdate off for speed).

      (This assumes that the @ symbol is an illegal character for URLs.) (If
      so - I would assume that someone would build this as a link default into
      the standards for browsers, that if the @ symbol, if found in a URL,
      would be read by the browser as an email link, not a URL. but that would
      be too logical....)


      Jeffery Scism,
      USGenWeb Project Local Coordinator Rep
      NC/NE region