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7372Re: [NTO] Yahoo facelift

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  • Jody
    Jun 10, 2006
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      Hi Don and Others,

      >Well, I am using Thunderbird in plain text mode, so I would never
      >see the change probably ... so as far as I know there is no
      >difference in any event.

      That may be true, but Thunderbird does not strip the html from
      the message before downloading does it? If not, then you still
      have upwards to 10KB just in footers that are new. Add that up
      per all the lists you are on (and I have to be on them all) plus
      others and your talking about a whole lot of unnecessary weight,
      especially if there's no high speed connection available like
      where I am out in the sticks. ;) (We just got off tin cans and a
      string a couple decades ago. <vbg>)

      And, just my 2 cents worth of personal opinion...
      Oh, that's not to mention just that much more clutter on the net
      bogging it down more. I realize it's all fiber for the most part,
      and yes, just a grain of sand on the beach in comparison, and all
      the downloads, and, and, and... but nevertheless... ;) To me,
      it's sort of like saying, well, this is a nice clean parkway with
      no trash on it, so no big deal if I through this piece of tissue
      out the window.

      Happy Topics,

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