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  • Chris Dart
    May 29, 2006
      If you buy a stolen car – not knowing it to be stolen – but later the police or whoever catch up with it, you will find you have lost the car and your money and the only recourse is with the person who sold it to you. He will probably be in jail and you can whistle for your money. You have got a better deal from Microsoft, at least you get to keep what you bought, you just cannot update it.



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      Thanks for the replies.

      The situation is that I bought the computer with the now clearly illegally installed operating
      system from RM Computers at 5 Market Place in Barton-on-Humber on 30th March 2005 and
      as far as I was concerned I had no reason to think otherwise that the Windows XP Pro was
      legal. I have found the receipt, and it is interesting because it does not mention the operating
      system, nor does it mention the Microsoft Office that was installed too. So I might now
      assume that that was illegal too.

      Yesterday (Thursday) I went to the shop where he used to trade (closed and sold to a small
      fabric retailer) and was told he works from Newtons Printers nearby. They said they bought
      his stock from him and now give out his mobile number. I took this and after a voicemail
      deposit I later rang again and spoke to him. He told me to do how to remove the offending
      "May be a victim of Counterfeit" notices and slow speed of switching on - the countdown to
      ungreying the "Resolve later" button - installed by the Microsoft update. He said the longer
      term solution was that files can be backed up and he would put on Windows XP Home and
      would cost me £70, costs him £65. He would not charge for his time. He now just deals with
      existing customers and warranties. He said he did this with the operating system to keep
      down the price. (Well we can all keep down the price by not paying for something!)

      Now having given this some thought, this is not the solution is it, because he has installed
      operating system software I thought was legal and is not, and therefore this surely needs
      pursuing in a different way. It is a huge inconvenience to me to have to back up files and
      data, not only this but I restructure the Start button shortcuts too. Presumably the Windows XP
      Home would be legal, but this computer has been running Windows XP Pro.

      So there are two issues here. One is the way I have been hoodwinked. The evidence is that I
      was supplied with an operating system, and secondly his advertising. Unfortunately I did not
      keep his advertising that described new and reconditioned computers with Windows XP
      supplied. Mine was not new.

      The second issue is that Microsoft have messed up my system on pain of reporting this
      trader to them. Only if I pay Microsoft money or report this person can I have my computer
      restored. Now it is not up to me to report him to Microsoft, nor is it right for my computer to be
      messed up. It is up to Microsoft to deal with the rogue traders themselves. My contract is with
      this trader, and I am going to go today to the local authority to pursue this further. Microsoft
      have, or should have, a contract with him.

      I have no difficulty with publishing (as indeed I am doing here) the details of this trader and
      his business (that has ceased trading - and I only know his first name, Roger). What is wrong
      is that Microsoft is using their dispute with such traders to affect retail customers' computers,
      and it is an abuse of their privilege in sending automatic updates. This is a matter which I
      have sent to my Member of Parliament and especially one of my Members of the European
      Parliament to pass this behaviour on to the European Commission. I have received replies
      from both. The European Commission deals with Microsoft issues because of the EU role
      and the size and power of Microsoft, as demonstrated in this case.

      Adrian Worsfold




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