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7306Re: [NTO] The not genuine message

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  • Adrian/ Rosemary Worsfold
    May 25, 2006
      I'd just like to say that having given this a lot of thought I have decided to report this trader to
      Microsoft and include an image of the invoice. Not only this, but I keep a diary and have
      seen the basics of conversations at the time, and how I was comparing the purchase I did
      eventually make with one I was considering at Tesco supermarket. The clear impression
      was that the Windows XP was preinstalled because in fact I asked about Windows 2000,
      thinking it was less subject to interference than Windows XP and he said no, they are all
      Windows XP now. But of course they weren't, were they in that if something is illegal, you can
      bung anything on. I have even sent his mobile phone number.

      Now in sending this to Microsoft I have also told them about my annoyance at what has been
      done to my machine, and hopefully temporary system restore measures to stop it. This has
      gone via email and I have not actually asked them to send a legal key. I include my
      suspicion that the MS Office is illegal too, and a friend told me the price of it and I'm thinking
      that I was comparing this with bundles on new machines.

      Today I acquired the telephone number of Trading Standards and will ring them. I am
      considering sueing at the small claims court. I think the invoice I received is crafty - he knew
      what he was doing but did not exactly inform me.

      I further tell Microsoft that I may have been duped even further, because the CD recording of
      data fails a lot even with a slower speed. So this could be quite comprehensive.

      Adrian Worsfold

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