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  • Mark Partous
    May 25, 2006
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      Hello John,

      Thursday, May 25, 2006, 1:51:16 PM, you wrote:

      JZ> That's one reason why I quit buying Dell computers. You lose the hard
      JZ> drive and you're out of luck as far as restoring the machine.

      The same applies to my Packard-Bell (the operating system is delivered on a
      separate partition on the hard disk).

      After I returned it to P-B, because the computer didn't boot any more, I
      have since made (several) images (with True Image) of the whole Hard Disk
      (all partitions, including the one with the Windows XP OS-installation

      Because there still were/are problems (seems to have improved after turning
      hyperthreading off in the BIOS) I also installed Xandros Pro 3 to find out if
      it was a hardware or software problem.

      The remaining problem (often, after booting the PC it "freezes", sometimes I
      have to restart 3 or 4 times - then, without identifiable reason it works and
      the freezing does not occur anymore for as long as the computer isn't turned
      off) does not seem to be OS-related (*).

      Now, should the HD crash, would that mean that restoring the image to a new
      Hard Disk also would generate an "illegal copy"-warning, even though it is a
      genuine one, simply because it is another Hard Disk? (**)

      If so, and though I have paid for XP, for that particular PC I think I would
      not go through the "hassle" to get a solution from Microsoft or Packard-Bell.
      I suppose I would only re-install Xandros, which has cost me less than XP
      (not even taking into account that I can install it on several computers
      (legally!). Furthermore, I can also run Microsoft Office on it...

      (*): Actually, the "freezing"-problem seems to be less frequent when running
      Xandros, but that may be a coincidence and/or impression.
      Why does the problem go away after restarting (several times)?
      It seems as if some part of the PC has to be warmed up?!?
      That sounds highly improbable, but I do not have another explanation...
      (**): Or would XP think it still is the original HD, because of the restoring
      of the image?

      Best Wishes,
      using The Bat! 3.80.06
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