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7285Re: [NTO] The not genuine message

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  • Larry Hamilton
    May 24, 2006

      I think there is a big difference between someone buying Microsoft
      software in good faith from what appears to be a legitimate vendor, and
      getting it from someone in a dark alley with a Rolex.

      It is possible that the shop is small, and that their supplier is the
      crook. As I understand it, it is the complexities of where the
      counterfeits enter the supply chain is why Microsoft chose to
      inconvenience users of illegal software. However, for those who thought
      they did all the right things, and still do not have a legal copy, it is
      a big pain in the backside.

      Adrian should both go to the shop and complain to MS. I have legal
      software, so my OS did not break when I installed the genuine patch.
      What Adrian describes is more problematic than the blurb I read on the
      MS site before I decided to install the genuine patch. MS admits that
      users may buy in good faith and have a way to get a legal copy, but
      harassing someone who got bit unawares just perpetuates MS as a bully.

      Perhaps as an MS employee, and thus a representative of the company on
      this public forum, you should familiarize yourself with how the MS
      genuine program works, and post a link, email address, or phone number
      he could call to fix his problem. That would be a more positive way to
      support one of the many Microsoft users on this list.

      Larry Hamilton

      Jason Rush wrote:
      > Adrian, I work for Microsoft, and you are using my intellectual property
      > without having paid my company and me for our labor in creating it. It's
      > unfortunate if you paid money to a pirate for stolen property, but it's not
      > Microsoft's fault, it's yours.
      > Jason
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