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7280RE: [NTO] The not genuine message

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  • Mobile Estimator2
    May 24 6:47 AM
      Not sure this is what is happening in your case but you might want to

      "Microsoft last year began a transition to the "Select 6.0" software
      licensing program. The prime feature of this program is the elimination of
      software upgrades, in favor of something Microsoft calls "Software
      Assurance." Under Software Assurance, you can pay about twice as much as the
      normal cost of a license, to buy the right to install any upgrades for the
      next two to three calendar years. (Software Assurance always expires on
      December 31st, so if you buy it late in the year, it's good for slightly
      more than two years, but if you buy it in January, it's good for almost
      three years)."

      Bill Scott
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