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7219Re: [NTO] Re: Fast ADSL - what to expect?

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  • loro
    Apr 21, 2006
      abairheart wrote:
      >To test what your ISP's best bandwidth is you have to arrange for a
      >connection as close as possible to yours, that has the same supposed
      >speed, and can provide a download large enough to time.

      Yeah, but the ISP doesn't provide a test and I don't know anyone using the
      same ISP with the same speed as I have. I get some webspace with them, but
      only 10 MB, so of no use for this. The fastest I've gotten so far is 1.9
      MB/s from a Swedish university server. That was fun!

      I was thinking there was a way of knowing what one could expect. Anyone
      else with the same speed? What do you get?

      Thank you,
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