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7218Re: Fast ADSL - what to expect?

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  • abairheart
    Apr 21, 2006
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      You can never get faster EFFECTIVE download speed, than the weakest
      link along the route. On the other hand, the measured speed may be
      that of a link faster than that, meaning, that the only TRUE measrue
      of download speed is the total data downloaded divided by the total
      time taken for the download.

      > normal. I don't know what to expect, really. Oh, I do realize that
      I won't
      > get 24 Mb when I download files, but I thought a test would show
      the full bw.

      To test what your ISP's best bandwidth is you have to arrange for a
      connection as close as possible to yours, that has the same supposed
      speed, and can provide a download large enough to time.

      If possible TWO suchj servers, one serviced by your ISP, one serviced
      by some other ISP.

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