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7191Continued Information on V5.

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  • Jody
    Apr 2, 2006
      Hi All,

      From the slow loading files in Windows Explorer message...

      Recently, my Windows Explorer is taking forever to populate the
      file side when I'm in the Folder view for the sidebar
      thingie....I have something to check that seems to be installed
      at the same time when this started happening. (It was NoteTab 5b1
      and about a half dozen file types I associated with it, after
      using the Remove in 4.95 Association tabs.)


      Before you ask ;-) to be a tester, we are only in the Eric/Jody
      test mode now. Next, we already have enough testers in our
      private testing group. After that, a semi-public testing might go
      on in the ntb-NextRelease list. I doubt we will have a public
      testing from the website. We are currently flooded with requests
      for features and bug fixes. We aren't at the point of looking
      at/fixing those even yet. We are fixing bugs introduced into v5

      I do not know if it will be worth anybodies time to put in for
      suggests, because Eric told me it was going to fix bugs and add
      some easy features. I have literally 100s, maybe over 1000
      feature suggests. I have quite a few bugs reported, but they have
      to be determined if we will fix them on a one by one case.

      Treeview Outlining is planned for v5, but not the initial release
      along with upgrading the spelling checker and the new RegExp. The
      new RegExp stands a change for the first release though.

      Happy Topics,

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