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718Re: [NTO]Reformat C:\ drive

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  • Jody
    Jul 8, 2000
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      Hi Ray,

      Thanks for the tip! I tried to find that, but could not. Do you
      have a link for it and do you know if it is the same as a low
      level format? Is it Freeware? Low level formats, from what I
      know of them, should only be done as a last resort thing or if a
      particular virus/problem calls for it.

      > One additional idea to consider when doing a reformat is
      > whether you are doing so because of a virus attack. Some viri
      > are able to survive a format, therefore, the manufacturer of my
      > system, Gateway, makes available a program called GWSCAN
      > (available on www.gateway.com) which is able to make some
      > repairs of a hard disk but its most useful function is to write
      > zeros onto every available byte of a physical disk.


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