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717Re: [NTO]Reformat C:\ drive

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  • Ray Shapp
    Jul 8, 2000
      One additional idea to consider when doing a reformat is whether you are
      doing so because of a virus attack. Some viri are able to survive a format,
      therefore, the manufacturer of my system, Gateway, makes available a program
      called GWSCAN (available on www.gateway.com) which is able to make some
      repairs of a hard disk but its most useful function is to write zeros onto
      every available byte of a physical disk. If one suspects a persistent
      virus, the strategy is to go into DOS, run GWSCAN to write all zeros, then
      reformat. Maybe other manufacturers have similar programs. Otherwise, some
      machine language expert might be able to spout a one- or two-line machine
      language routine that would write all zeros.

      Ray Shapp
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