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7149Question before purchase

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  • Phil
    Mar 1, 2006
      I was directed to NoteTab by WestCiv. Right now I am looking for a
      hand coder. The other option is the Macromedia product.

      Looking at your site, I do not see any relevant updates to NoteTab?

      Also, I am looking at coding XHTML Strict, and I don't seem to see any
      native support?

      Is NoteTab going to see a revision to support XHTML coding? That is, I
      do not want to code in HTML and then run the conversion that I see. I
      would like to be coding directly in XHTML with the relevant codes

      If there is an update or something I missed on this topic, please do
      direct me in the right direction!

      Thanks for your time,

      Philip E.
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