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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Feb 6, 2006
      Hi Laurie,

      I didn't see this come by. I agree, IE7 is still in beta. I am running
      a copy (only works on XP), but it has been stable and no problems thus
      far. I don't like the default setup ... I had to hunt all over just to
      find help in fact.

      It is tabbed. If you love Opera, why are you not using it? It is now
      free. I have had no significant trouble with Firefox on any page except
      MicroSoft's page. I however don't do Korean. Are you sure you gave
      Firefox 1.5 a fair spin?

      Firefox evangelism with korean top portal sites.
      The Naver.com, a big korean portal site start to support web site
      compatiblity in Firefox. It holds the Naver Bug Day with Mozilla Korean
      Community during February 2006...

      You WILL lose IE6. I know some have had difficulty rolling back to it
      after installing IE7. There are some hacks available.

      I don't really know about your bookmark issues, but you can make folders
      any way you like in Firefox. I have not set one in IE7 yet (and that is
      another machine so I cannot try just now). There are some great
      programs that manage bookmarks in tree view format. You might try one
      of those out.

      Note that in the 87 bookmark extensions to choose from you have
      extensions to allow you to make Firefox behave exactly like Opera:

      I happen to love Firefox (if that was not apparent). There are a couple
      of extensions that give you the view of the page in IE, or better yet
      use IE's engine within firefox as I understand it. I might get one of
      those and any time something display wrong, IE is just one click away!

      Also you can of course just use your ie favorites folder right there in

      >>>Since they are copying Firefox in essence I would try control+t as that
      >>>does the trick in Firefox.
      >>Don, I've been off work this past week so am not hearing any of the
      >>Talk" about IE7. I have some questions. I am a major multiple windows
      >>at the same time kinda person and for what I do, at work, they told me to
      >>load Firefox and use it, but the programming on the web interface (done by
      >>Korea) is not compatible with any browser but IE, so I loaded it, tried it
      >>and confirmed I could not see my frames and removed it.
      >>Years ago, when Opera came on the scene, I loaded it and LOVED IT, I love
      >>the tab functionality, I'm all about the Tab or the Tree/collapsing menus.
      >>Here are my questions:
      >>1. So is IE like that? One window, different tabs?
      >>2. Is it stable, have there been any issues or major bugs reported yet?
      >>3. If you install IE7, and don't like it, can you roll back to IE6? (If
      >>can do that, I'll go ahead and try it) but I CANNOT lose my functionality
      >>with my work interface.
      >>4. Does it still handle bookmarks the way it always has, or has it
      >>to the Netscape way (which I totally and utterly HATE) I have over 2000
      >>bookmarks, I have folders A, then subcategories, Arts, Autos, etc... then
      >>Books, Blarney... whatever I want my folders! (I know you are not Unca
      >>but I hafta stomp my dainty lil foot somewhere) hehe :)
      >>I guess that's about all I can think of at the moment.
      >>Looking forward to hearing more...
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