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7104Re: [NTO] IE7

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  • LaurieK
    Feb 4, 2006
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      ----- Original Message -----
      From: "Don - htmlfixit.com"

      > Since they are copying Firefox in essence I would try control+t as that
      > does the trick in Firefox.

      Don, I've been off work this past week so am not hearing any of the "Techie
      Talk" about IE7. I have some questions. I am a major multiple windows open
      at the same time kinda person and for what I do, at work, they told me to
      load Firefox and use it, but the programming on the web interface (done by
      Korea) is not compatible with any browser but IE, so I loaded it, tried it
      and confirmed I could not see my frames and removed it.

      Years ago, when Opera came on the scene, I loaded it and LOVED IT, I love
      the tab functionality, I'm all about the Tab or the Tree/collapsing menus.
      Here are my questions:

      1. So is IE like that? One window, different tabs?
      2. Is it stable, have there been any issues or major bugs reported yet?
      3. If you install IE7, and don't like it, can you roll back to IE6? (If ya
      can do that, I'll go ahead and try it) but I CANNOT lose my functionality
      with my work interface.
      4. Does it still handle bookmarks the way it always has, or has it switched
      to the Netscape way (which I totally and utterly HATE) I have over 2000
      bookmarks, I have folders A, then subcategories, Arts, Autos, etc... then B,
      Books, Blarney... whatever I want my folders! (I know you are not Unca Bill,
      but I hafta stomp my dainty lil foot somewhere) hehe :)

      I guess that's about all I can think of at the moment.

      Looking forward to hearing more...

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