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7103Re: [NTO] IE7

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  • Don - htmlfixit.com
    Feb 4, 2006
      > the other thing is if you want to use the tab function in ie7 anybody know
      > how ??
      Since they are copying Firefox in essence I would try control+t as that
      does the trick in Firefox. Also if you hold down shift and click you get
      new browser window or control and click, new tab. In Firefox there are
      tab browser options (as an added extension) that lets you configure all
      sorts of thing. I suspect if you find options you may have similiar
      control in IE 7. For example I have mine set to load new tabs in the
      background and then I go to them after they have loaded while I continue
      to read the current page. Also, when I reopen my browser it opens the
      same windows that I left open when I shut down. As I am using a laptop
      that I start and stop, I find that very handy and very "notetab like".
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