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709Re: [NTO]Reformat C:\ drive

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Jul 6, 2000
      Hi Bill, Red Leader,

      --- In ntb-OffTopic@egroups.com, "Red Leader" <red-leader@d...> wrote:
      > Bill wrote:
      > > My hard drive is divided into C: and D: and I have wanted to
      reformat my C:
      > > drive for quite some time; however, it would be my first attempt
      and have

      Since you have one hard drive, no matter how many partitions, a
      format will wipe out all programs and data files. Uninstalling
      programs before a format has no practical format (unless you need the
      practice <g>).

      If you had more than one physical drive, formatting one would not
      remove the contents of another.

      You do want to make note of all your programs, and user settings
      before you start. If you have a means to backup your data, and even
      program files, you can save a lot of time in this process. Plan on a
      day for this endeavor.


      Larry H.
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