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708Re: [NTO]Reformat C:\ drive

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  • Red Leader
    Jul 6 9:49 AM
      Bill wrote:

      > My hard drive is divided into C: and D: and I have wanted to reformat my C:
      > drive for quite some time; however, it would be my first attempt and have
      > been procrastinating (anticipating many unexpected surprises of things I
      > will no doubt overlook). When I saw your post I wondered if I could ask you
      > your overall strategy and approach knowing you will be doing this "a few
      > times a year". Can you pass along any tips and tricks for the beginner? Like
      > how do you organize your hard drive, do you have more than two partitions?
      > How long does it take you approximately to format and then re-install
      > applications and your customized settings?

      I know this post was mainly for Jody but as I've had more experience
      with this than I would like, I thought I'd throw in a few suggestions.
      Hope they help. Reformatting and re-installing everything is not a quick
      process, the last one I did took me all day and 20 something re-boots.

      First try to make a list of everything you have installed. It's really
      aggravating to be working along and then discover you didn't install
      something. If you have any applications installed on the D: drive, I
      would go ahead and un-install them, you'll have to re-install anyway.
      Save any customized settings or files you want to keep somewhere else on
      the D: drive before you un-install. More about that next.

      Backup all your data and anything else you might need. This sounds
      easier than it is, most of the space is taken up by program files, which
      you're going to re-install anyway and don't need to back up. If you have
      CD-RW's or a big tape drive or something, it wouldn't be a bad idea to
      just back up the entire C: drive. If you don't have those available,
      copy all your data you want to keep onto the D: drive. This includes all
      your documents, spreadsheets, etc. as well as internet bookmarks or
      favorites, special wallpaper, and so forth. Basically anything that
      isn't directly replaceable. customized setting are generally stored in
      .ini files, so if you have a program you've worked on quite a bit and
      changed the setting significantly, look for the .ini file and copy it
      over. If the configuration is stored in the registry, you'll just have
      to do it over, as finding and saving it will be more trouble than it's

      After double and triple checking to make sure you haven't missed
      anything, it's time to reformat. Exactly how you do this will depend on
      your computer so I'm not sure how much I can help you with that or if
      you need any help. I usually boot from a DOS diskette, format the HD and
      then install DOS and drivers for the CD-ROM drive so I can install
      Windows from the CD. With NT it was easier as I could just boot off the
      CD to install the OS.

      Good luck!
      Emmett Hawkins
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