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6999Re: [NTO] URL Organizer (was: version five)

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  • loro
    Jan 7, 2006
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      John Mitchell wrote:
      >I'd never heard of URL Organizer before so thanks for the pointer. It
      >already looks like becoming a permanent addition to the "must have"
      >list and del.icio.ous will rapidly become redundant.

      That's nice. I guess I'm not alone in liking this approach after all then. :-)

      >Now of course
      >I'll have to check out Bookmark Buddy as well to determine the
      >required level of investment!

      Yes, do. It didn't offer enough improvements to warrant an upgrade for me.
      IIRC it has better search and some kind of rating system (wouldn't bother
      with rating anyway). It's also a little bigger. URL Org is very tiny. URL
      Org also has some problems with one of my browsers. That could be fixed in
      I think you'll like that the bookmark files are plain text files, easy to
      edit and split in several when the need arises. The only complaints I've
      had are that the text size can't be changed (maybe it can in Buddy) and
      that it would be helpful if the lists had alternate row colors.

      There's also an old version distributed as freeware. Less advanced of
      course, but it probably works as well as a "table of contents" add-on as
      the others.

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