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6994RE: [NTO] version five

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    Jan 6, 2006
      Greg Chapman wrote:
      >There shouldn't be any clickedy-clicking. We're talking a text editor, so
      >it's all done on the keyboard - just like HTMLHelp Contents or My Computer's
      >Files Explorer Bar - using just the cursor keys, CR and Backspace.

      Same thing. Explorer is highly annoying. Only use it in folder view. That's
      what made me hate it. Or what about Regedit? Jesus!

      >So instead you use a conventional window, page down, and you're in the same
      >position - but without the treeview of topics so you can navigate back real

      But I don't see the topics and sub topics at the same time, once the sub
      topics get too many. A screen can only take so much in one dimension. :-P

      > > I mean like this.
      > > <http://www.urlorg.com/images/screen_maxi.gif>
      >OK! I accept that I don't produce documents that are such a complete
      >hotch-potch that I need such extreme sub-division, but I guess that anyone
      >who does, would easily lose their stuff anyway!

      LOL Neither do I. It's a bookmark file loaded in the picture. It isn't
      mine, I should add. But I do use URL Organizer as an extra layer for both
      OTLs and text files. The downside is the UO's panes can't be dragged
      totally closed, because of the buttons at the bottom. If they could, it
      would be an almost perfect setup for me.
      It can be made to show only the third pane though. In my case those topics
      would open different OTLs or text files. Or programs or anything else for
      that matter.

      An add-on "table of contents" utility isn't a totally bad idea, actually.
      Maybe that's what I want. Oh, I also wish the headings could be sorted in
      descending order. That's about it for me, I think. Syntax highlighting,
      folding, better split window, better outline sorting (with groups!) and
      panes. Oh, Unicode too. Not necessary for me, but I think it is for many
      people. Thank you for listening, Santa! :-)

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