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6992RE: [NTO] version five

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  • Greg Chapman
    Jan 6, 2006
      > > > tree-view outlines
      > >
      > >Me too!
      > Me not!

      > What I dislike about
      > tree-view, in addition to the clicking-clicking-clicking,

      There shouldn't be any clickedy-clicking. We're talking a text editor, so
      it's all done on the keyboard - just like HTMLHelp Contents or My Computer's
      Files Explorer Bar - using just the cursor keys, CR and Backspace. (And in
      TreePad it's just TAB/CTRL-TAB to move between the topic list and edit pane)
      Couldn't be simpler and totally following Windows conventions!

      > you've opened a node its content obscures the parent list of topics.

      So instead you use a conventional window, page down, and you're in the same
      position - but without the treeview of topics so you can navigate back real

      > I mean like this.
      > <http://www.urlorg.com/images/screen_maxi.gif>

      OK! I accept that I don't produce documents that are such a complete
      hotch-potch that I need such extreme sub-division, but I guess that anyone
      who does, would easily lose their stuff anyway!

      What I see in TreePad or WORD's Document Map facilities, which I use while
      NoteTab lacks such facilities, is good enough for me! Roll on "folding" as
      well, as another way of hiding text between headings in a long document!

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