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6981RE: [NTO] version five

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    Jan 6, 2006
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      Greg Chapman wrote:
      > > You want the syntax highlighting
      >Me too!

      Me too!

      > > tree-view outlines
      >Me too!

      Me not! Boy, I hate those "zip folders" so much! Am I alone in this?
      Probably am. Since we are dreaming anyway, I'd like "multiple panes". I
      know this won't happen, but as said, I'm dreaming. What I dislike about
      tree-view, in addition to the clicking-clicking-clicking, is that once
      you've opened a node its content obscures the parent list of topics. The
      way my memory works I need to see as much of topics/subtopics as possible.
      I often remember if what I look for is high up, in the middle or low down,
      but not necessarily exactly under which topic I put it. Not until I see it.

      I mean like this.
      Select a topic in the left window. Related sub-topics appear in the middle
      window. Select one of those and sub-sub-topics appear in the right window.
      One can scroll through the topic lists fast. That makes it possible to
      review all sub-topics at a glance, and so on and so on. Oh well.

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