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6976RE: [NTO] version five

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  • Greg Chapman
    Jan 6, 2006
      Hi Jody,

      I know there's an EXTREME risk of Don having started a "me too" thread with
      this thread, and I'm about to join it....

      > You want the syntax highlighting

      Me too!

      > tree-view outlines

      Me too!

      (The other bits are less important to me, but I recognise may be the core
      reason for using NoteTab for others)

      The point is that when I first started with Mini Note Tab under Win3.x the
      product was being constantly updated and improved. Now it has been allowed
      to stagnate. There are now many editors which offer customisable syntax
      highlighting, and some which offer tree-view notes. We regularly see
      concerns about NoteTab regex issues and I know that clip programming remains
      a major attraction of NoteTab for many.

      My fear is that unless Eric turns his attention to updating what has been
      his core product he may lose some of his reputation as one of the finest
      one-man software developers around.

      Currently, NoteTab continues to meet my needs - although I keep coming close
      to moving to TopStyle for my web development work (and that is the bulk of
      my use of NoteTab). Once I saw NoteTab being recommended to others
      regularly. I no longer see that. And that is a worry!

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