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6949Re: [NTO] Program Files that does not appear under Program Files

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  • Jody
    Jan 2, 2006
      Hi Ed,

      Not all programs add themselves to the Program Group list. Some
      are by option. For me, the easiest way to add a program to it is
      by going to Windows Explorer (or My Computer) and click on the
      program executable (program name.exe) and choose Copy on the
      right click content menu (Copy icon or Ctrl+C). Go to Documents
      and Settings and add it to All Users (or your regular user if you
      always open Windows using the same user). Right click in the
      right large area where the other programs are listed and choose
      "Paste as Shortcut." Here is the location for All Users by
      Windows default. (So, you want to right click at this location
      when in the right side large window in the Folders view.)

      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\

      You can also browse to the program via Start | Settings | Taskbar
      | Customize (or something like that ;)

      >I have some program files that does not appear under Program
      >Files when I click on them. I must use Windows Explorer to find
      >them on the Program Files. They are there and will open when
      >clicked on. There is plenty of room for them to appear on Program
      >Files but for some reason they remain invisible. How do I get
      >them to show up on the list when I click on Start and All
      >Programs. This is a misnomer for they do not appear under all
      >programs as they should

      Happy Topics,

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