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6903[NTO] Re: Problem: 30 seconds to open txt file

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  • xtx222003
    Dec 14, 2005
      Hi Laurie K,

      The other computer on the LAN has NTP installed and has no troubles
      accessing the same file locally, but it does experience the same
      delay accessing a file with NTP on the other computer. I also
      installed NTL on the other computer, same results. Again it is very
      specific to NT, every other program has no problems with the LAN in
      general, or the specific .txt files.


      > Ok, Corl... so the file is on a network and that is when you notice
      > issue...
      > Have you tried loading NTB on another computer??? Then try
      accessing the
      > same file, to rule out whether or not it is something inherent to
      our system
      > or if it is something more widespread?
      > Just a thought...
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