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6859Re: Problem: 30 seconds to open txt file

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  • xtx222003
    Dec 3, 2005
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      Hi All-- I thought NoteTab was having troubles opening files on only
      one computer, but I was wrong, it's having troubles on both of the
      computers. The strange thing is that no other program is suffering in
      this manner, including HomeSite 5.2 for web page authoring. I was
      planning to retire HomeSite because NoteTab is so very easy to
      customize and work with.

      If this is a known problem for NTP, I need to know so I can reexamine
      our plans to use NoteTab in our growing business.

      What is your experience using NoteTab on a network? Similar to mine or
      is it working without a hitch?

      Is there is something I can do to tweak NTP to become network friendly.

      I really hope I'm able to make NoteTab network friendly.

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