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6851Re: [NTO] Problem: 30 seconds to open txt file

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  • David Smart
    Dec 1, 2005
      If the computer opens network files quickly in NotePad and slowly in NoteTab, the NoteTab is clearly suspect. If the same computer opens local files as quickly in NoteTab as it does in NotePad, then there's something really weird going on.

      O never substitute NoteTab for NotePad, so I can't comment on this procedure, but you should certainly do a few tests using direct NoteTab access to files. E.g. what's it like if you open NoteTab from the start button, then use File/Open to load a text file that way? What about dragging the file onto a NoteTab icon?

      Regards, Dave S

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      Subject: Re: [NTO] Problem: 30 seconds to open txt file

      Hi Dave,

      I have two computers on the LAN. NoteTab on computer 1 has no trouble
      opening txt files on either computer, but the NoteTab on computer 2
      has troubles opening txt files on computer 1. We don't have txt files
      on a third computer, yet.

      Computer 2 opens Word, Excel, Visio and other files from computer 1

      I hadn't thought to "Restore MS Notepad", but when I did the same
      file opens instantly in Notepad.

      The file copies instantly from computer 1 to 2.

      Working with files on the LAN is a must.

      What answers does any of this suggest? To my untrained eye NoteTab on
      computer 2 is looking guilty.


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