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6850Re: [NTO] Problem: 30 seconds to open txt file

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  • xtx222003
    Nov 30, 2005
      Hi Dave,

      I have two computers on the LAN. NoteTab on computer 1 has no trouble
      opening txt files on either computer, but the NoteTab on computer 2
      has troubles opening txt files on computer 1. We don't have txt files
      on a third computer, yet.

      Computer 2 opens Word, Excel, Visio and other files from computer 1

      I hadn't thought to "Restore MS Notepad", but when I did the same
      file opens instantly in Notepad.

      The file copies instantly from computer 1 to 2.

      Working with files on the LAN is a must.

      What answers does any of this suggest? To my untrained eye NoteTab on
      computer 2 is looking guilty.

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