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6792Re: [NTO] post Katrina checkin

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  • Alec Burgess
    Sep 15, 2005
      I just saw a fascinating discussion on CNN comparing how fast local, state
      and federal goverments responded to the 1906 San Francisco earhtquake and
      resulting fires. Teddy Roseveldt was president at the time, but up and down
      the line the response times put current-day reactions to Katrina to shame
      Regards ... Alec

      On 9/15/05, Jody <kjv-av1611@...> wrote:
      > Hi Alec,
      > >Has anyone heard from Jody, or any other regulars known to be in
      > >the area since Katrina hit?
      > >>I know if we were here our car would have been packed, gassed up,
      > and ready to hit the road within a few minutes. We have enough
      > evacuation routes from here to get further inland pretty quick or
      > "fly" east/west on the Interstate just a few miles from us and a
      > state highway to do the same if going north is too congested. We
      > are already out in the country so we would not have all the
      > congestion getting out of a town/city that others do have.

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