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6766Re: [NTO] post Katrina checkin (was Re: Long web pages [was: Working with Adobe PDF docs.])

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  • Jody
    Sep 5, 2005
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      Hi Lotta and All,

      >> Has anyone heard from Jody, or any other regulars known to be
      >> in the area since Katrina hit?
      >Only Barry, who has posted he's well here on the list. Isn't Jody
      >on vacation? He posted about that earlier. Who else is from that

      <Way off topic>
      I was up in Yankee land during it all on a three week vacation.
      Went to 4 Six Flags and did about 35 roller coasters, some of
      them 2-3 times. My 9 year old son kept this 55 year young man
      running ragged. Some of the software for the rides (Superman in
      particular at 3 Six Flags) was done by a programmer in
      Switzerland and Eric knows him. :) I gave the three Superman
      roller coasters a 9.5, 9.8, and a 10.0. My son gave them roughly
      the same rating. I gave Kingda Ka a 10+, but my son only gave it
      a 10.0, because it was too short. It is the tallest and fastest
      roller coaster in the world. 428' high and does 0-128MPH in just
      about 3 seconds. <g> The Utilities Library has a miles<-
      >kilometer converter for those of you on the metric system.
      128MPH = 205.99KPH; 428 feet = (cm in 12 inches)
      30.48*428=13045.44 Centimeters. <g> I don't know the formula from
      feet to meters or yards to meters. Uh, divide by 10? 13045.44/10
      = 1304.54 meters?? ;) And yes, I was in a lot of pain from my
      throat from the overdose of radiation they gave me 10 years ago.
      My spine is already fragmenting, throat swollen shut, etc. But!!!
      To spend the time with my nine year old is worth all the pain in
      the world! :-) Other 9.5 or better roller coasters were Medusa,
      The Mind Eraser, Nitro, Batman, Boomerang/Chiller, and others.

      Oh, Attitash had the longest Alpine sled in the world; about 1.25
      miles (almost 2 KM roughly) down a fiberglass track on a
      fiberglass sled. It is totally wicked! ;) Some people would wipe
      out and get super bad burns on them where their skin was sliding
      down the track. I only braked if absolutely necessary, just
      tucked down close to the sled, and became one with it. :) I had
      the sled partly off the track on some corners (YEAH-WHEWIE!!!)
      Some girl broke a rib on it that happened to be telling the
      attendant the day before when she bit it. I was amazed that they
      didn't even require helmets since if you do not slow down when
      they have the huge orange SLOW DOWN banners across the track you
      will fly off the track! It makes it all that much more excited,
      don't you think? :)

      As far as Katrina goes, just a few broken tree branches here. I'm
      halfway between Mobile, Alabama and Ft. Walton Beach, FL. About
      30 miles east of Pensacola. There were some power outages and
      phones down with intermittent cell phones, but they had that all
      up in less than 24 hours from what I can tell. :)
      </way off topic>

      See ya in the funnies!

      ...he that is of a merry heart hath a continual feast...

      If you haven't laughed at yourself today,
      you missed a good joke! 8?D

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