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6742Re: Re: [NTO] Re: [prox] Free legit Opera registration codes.

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  • Alec Burgess
    Sep 1, 2005

      > I think it is
      > destined to languish in the shadow of IE (diminishing
      > share but still accounts
      > for the vast majority) and Firefox (high profile, media
      > darling, growing fast).

      FWIW: I'd permanently switched from Maxthon to Firefox about six months ago.
      Because I'm a software junkie I'd loaded Firefox (most recently 1.06) down
      with a lot of extensions - all individually useful but with (I think) a
      cumulative negative performance impact. For hardcore browsing when I can do
      without the bells and whistles I've kept up with Opera (assisted by
      Proxomitron to reduce ads etc.).

      Reading very large pages with lots of graphic images would almost "hang"
      Firefox but Opera doesn'tt slow at all :-)

      Recently I've been using Firefox-DeerPark Alpha which may or may not be
      really faster, however only about 25% of the extensions I'd been using have
      been upgraded for Firefox. Result: on the forced extension-lite diet it
      *appears* much faster.

      I hope Opera continues to thrive, if only to keep the other two on their

      Regards ... Alec
      ; ( ) { } [ ] \ | 9 0 + = () {} []

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