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  • Greg Chapman
    Sep 1, 2005
      Hi David,

      > I don't know what message boards you've frequented in the past, but
      > they must have been poorly run.

      Or maybe just took advantage of being free for the provider of that board?

      >The worries you share (bloated
      > graphics, ads, etc.) are easily surmountable.

      The only methods I know of all involve the hassle of reconfiguring your
      browser, which then has to be re-configured for every other site you visit.
      In any case, all these complaints:

      > there is no efficient way to see what different topics
      > have been posted, or to follow a thread, or to send private messages,
      > or to cooperatively build FAQs, or do see if other questions have been
      > asked and answered.

      are dealt with by a decent mail client. Remember this is primarily a mail
      list. The YahooGroups web interface should only ever be regarded as a
      "back-up", if something has gone wrong with your normal access.

      > currently, we have to put up with whatever
      > overhead and bloat that yahoo wants to send our way.

      Hand-crafting the necessary scripts to run a private board, not only costs
      money but, I fancy, is outside of Jody's skill set. All free boards I know
      will be just as graphic ad laden as YahooGroups.

      However, I suspect that you haven't optimised your YahooGroup settings. I
      can tolerate a 280 byte ad like this:

      > ------------------------ Yahoo! Groups Sponsor ------------------->
      > Most low income households are not online. Help bridge the
      > digital divide today!
      > http://us.click.yahoo.com/cd_AJB/QnQLAA/TtwFAA/NhFolB/TM
      > ------------------------------------------------------------------>

      which is the kind of ad I get appended to each message. Not the stuff which
      I suspect you get. I also get the benefit of being able to read everything
      off-line. I can't do that on any web-based service.

      I guess that you come from a totally different culture to me, or you'd also
      not be top-posting and leaving a whole string of crud from previous posts
      for me to download, forcing me to download many times more guff than the ads
      that Yahoo appends. (If I want to see the history of a thread on a mail
      list, I just refer to the previous message. I don't need it continually
      echoed back to me, appended at the end of a message.) I come that that
      breed that of internet users who used to belong to FidoNet where you were
      deeply conscious of the costs incurred by hobbyists in setting up their
      bulletin boards and every minute on-line cost you an arm and a leg. I still
      frequently connect at 9.6kbps. Give me plain text mail any time!

      > (Alas, none of the replies on this subject have been transferred to
      > OT...in any case, it doesn't seem OT to me?)

      Well, it's not the basic use of NoteTab itself, so I reckon it is
      technically "off-topic".

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