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6738Re: Long web pages [was: Working with Adobe PDF docs.]

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  • Carol Whitney
    Sep 1, 2005
      I shouldn't even try to reply; falling asleep at the keyboard, but I
      came back to read quickly on my way to bed, and this, Greg, is
      greatly helpful!

      At 10:21 05-08-26 +0100, Greg Chapman wrote:

      >Unfortunately "nice indexing" is something that many providers leave

      Oh. I think the Eudora manual was my first PDF experience.

      >Perhaps one of the reasons you hate PDFs is that they often only
      >provide a
      >collection of illegible thumbnails to help you navigate the document.

      WOW! That must be really fun [contrary-to-fact grin].

      > The
      >trouble is that many word processor operators seem to have been
      >taught word
      >processing by those who learnt using Windows Write (the thing
      >replaced, in
      >Windows 95, by "WordPad").

      OH all over again! Wow; what I don't know would fill ten universes.

      > As a result they know nothing of paragraph
      >styles and the other necessary techniques for successful automatic
      >by PDF creation software.

      Hey; I can follow what you say! thanks!

      >There are a variety of ways of doing "printer friendly"
      >versions. Certainly
      >one is PDF, but better, when using XHTML as you are, is a dedicated
      >sheet for printed media.

      AHA, so THAT'S what I want. I thought it was something like that. I
      struggle to learn on the Webdeveloper Forums. Those people are really
      nice and friendly, but you have to know a little something, usually,
      to get the most out of what they offer, so it can take me quite a
      while to catch on. Still, some of those people have been hugely
      helpful to me.

      What you say rings a bell, anyway. I guess I have to learn how to
      make a print media style sheet. Yes; that's the answer <g>.

      >I feel you desperately need it on your site as you have a massive
      >of navigation links down the right hand side. Such links are totally
      >redundant in a printed version.

      No kidding! At first, I had different links on each page, but that
      became a problem to maintain, especially when I started using SSIs
      (server-side includes). And I completely agree; I desperately need a
      print media style sheet! (I don't have a working printer, which can
      make things a bit tough at times <g>.)

      >And all the decorative stuff might also be regarded as non-essential
      >for a
      >printed version. They consume so much of one colour ink they risk
      >premature replacement for those with multi-colour ink cartridges.

      Wow; that's another hugely useful remark; thanks a million! I thought
      about eliminating all that stuff, but had so many favorable comments
      I left it in. I'll make sure to leave those out, or find a way to
      give people a choice; I think you can do that with style sheets.
      User-selectable ones, right?

      >Just add an additional line to your HTML and upload an additional style
      >sheet with the variations needed for the printed version of the
      >page. The
      >cascading nature of style sheets will ensure that the standard
      >styling is
      >overridden when printed by the print media version.

      Great; great - you're giving me a vision of how this sort of stuff
      works! I can even almost catch on to how I need to tackle this!

      HEY again! I didn't even finish reading your post before starting to
      reply (so late; I'm so sleepy) - but now I see you included tons of
      very specific useful information, so I'm coming by to look, next
      chance I get!

      >So at:
      >you will find the lines:
      ><LINK rel="stylesheet" href="eastwalton.css" type="text/css">
      ><LINK rel="stylesheet" href="prneastwalton.css" type="text/css"
      >in the <HEAD> of all my pages and in the additional style sheet, I
      >have such
      >lines as:
      >#main {background : transparent none; color : #000000;}

      (and so forth). Wow! Maybe your instruction alone will end up doing
      the trick for me! Change my thanks to about 10 million of them <g>.

      Love this list; will be here irregularly, but downloading it all!

      Thu, 01 Sep 2005 00:23:59
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