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6736Re: [prox] Free legit Opera registration codes.

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  • Carol Whitney
    Sep 1, 2005
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      Thanks immensely for this post, including the news one! I took
      advantage of the offer, and also sent my NoteTabPro Web-making buddy
      after it for herself, too.

      She and I both got free registration codes. I've been so swamped I
      would have missed your post, except that I happened to notice the
      subject line as it came in - what a blessing for me!

      At 17:07 05-08-30 -0400, Alec Burgess wrote:

      >Hi guys:
      >I thought the members of powertoolssoftware and notetab-offtopic
      >might be
      >I just got mine :-)

      I'm curious whether anybody else here took advantage of the offer.

      >---- Original Message ----
      >From: "jjoebugg" <jjoebugg@...>
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      >Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2005 11:40
      >Subject: [gla: [prox] Free legit Opera registration codes.


      > > I read about it at
      > > http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/66925

      I just now went to that link, and I read through the remarks. I
      thought they were hilarious!

      I was amazed that a couple of people posted the registration codes
      they saw. Apparently they thought the codes were generic, or
      something like that? My compute-knowledge is extremely limited, but
      since you're given a code after you enter your name and email
      address, I'd presume the code you received would -ummm - apply to
      your name and email address <g>.

      Later, Lotta, I saw your message, and was very, very glad you posted
      that information too, including this:

      >From: loro <loro-spam01-@...>
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      >Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 23:12:29 +0200
      >Subject: [NTO] Get Opera for free! Short time left

      >>Opera gives away free reg codes for one day. I don't see that they
      >>state a
      >>time zone but if it's Oslo time it's now 49 minutes left.

      I so badly wanted my friend in Ohio to take advantage of this offer
      too - she's only learning about her machine (also how to build her
      own web site), and I'm doing all I can to help her learn, which is
      why she now has NoteTabPro <g>.

      So she's there, I'm in Western Canada (Pacific time). I got into a
      muddle over my code, in a bit the same way as is mentioned on that
      page Alec provided the link to.

      I never did get email with the code, but I DID see, the second time I
      went back, to try to get my code again, a remark on the page that you
      should copy your code, and save it somewhere! I don't think they did
      any email notifications with the code; I never received any, and
      those people were saying they also didn't. Some had long waits for
      their codes; I didn't; my friend didn't, either.

      I even posted on the Opera Registration Problems forum about it,
      haha! Didn't really get a useful answer. I guess they don't email the
      free codes; there's no purchase to confirm/thank people for!

      Anyway, I installed a webdeveloper toolbar, hated it, and reinstalled
      Opera as a result, and without checking, I went back to that free
      registration page again, and got another free registration, shortly
      before midnight Pacific Daylight Time. So I'm guessing the offer was
      valid for a machine in a different time zone, as long as the date was
      still 30 August. Interesting.

      So thanks to both of you for your posts, and Alec, for your pointer
      to that hilarious page!

      Note: I can't keep up with anything; will be in a state of overload
      for some time to come, so can't even be courteous sometimes (replying
      to posts, for instance). sorry!

      (Not that my posts have anything special about them! I enjoy posting,

      Thu, 01 Sep 2005 00:02:38
      Carol Whitney
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