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6693[NTO] Re: IPTC Data - Photo Cataloguing (WAS: RE: [NTB] publishing pictures that

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  • John Zeman
    Aug 19, 2005
      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, hsavage <hsavage@p...> wrote:

      > I can't argue either way about the descript.ion file being a Windows
      > 'feature', but, Xnview produces one also when files are edited and I
      > haven't found a way to turn it off yet.
      > ºvº
      > 05.08.19
      > hrs > hsavage@p...

      hrs as mentioned in my last post to Greg I wasn't accurate yesterday when I referred to descript.ion files as being a Windows feature. They're not actually related to Windows so I apologize for the inaccuracy there.

      I do not use Xnview so I can't say what it's doing with descriptions but you can delete all the descriptions by simply deleting the descript.ion file in the folder containing the images (or whatever files you are dealing with). If you do not see it then the decript.ion file may have its hidden attribute set.

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