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6690Re: [NTO] Re: IPTC Data - Photo Cataloguing (WAS: RE: [NTB] publishing pictures that

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  • hsavage
    Aug 19 5:12 AM
      Greg Chapman wrote:
      > Hi Jon,
      >> As far as storing general comments about each image (not IPTC), I
      >> use the Windows descript.ion file feature where a small text file
      > I wasn't aware that this was a "Windows feature". I had only come across
      > its use in connection with Eric's "Easy Imager". Am I missing something?
      > Greg

      Jon, Greg,

      I can't argue either way about the descript.ion file being a Windows
      'feature', but, Xnview produces one also when files are edited and I
      haven't found a way to turn it off yet.

      hrs > hsavage@...
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