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6689[NTO] Re: IPTC Data - Photo Cataloguing (WAS: RE: [NTB] publishing pictures that

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    Aug 19, 2005
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      > extracting and restoring EXIF/IPTC data and editing the existing data.
      > However, it doesn't appear to offer the key part I'm interested in...
      > searching for files held on a disk which match that data.
      > It also seems to be a program that may have lost some of its raison
      > Most modern image editing software does now seem to be aware of
      > data. Perhaps this is why there's been no update since 2002?

      Well Greg,

      I did try to find a program that matches your (and my) needs yesterday.
      It seems as if PixVue comes close. It can create thumbnails locally (I
      assume these include the metadata), so that you can search your local
      collection. This requires that you first load all your CD's to PixVue
      (I did a very quick scan of the app yesterday, you have to open it with
      the context menu of pictures/folders, it is not regular exe).

      Searching is done with the standard Windows file search (look for
      *.jpg's containing the word "Julie" is possible). This implies that
      other search tools can do the same job, I think...


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