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6687RE: [NTO] Re: IPTC Data - Photo Cataloguing (WAS: RE: [NTB] publishing pictures that

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  • Greg Chapman
    Aug 19 12:50 AM
      Hi John,

      > to suggest yet another
      > possible alternative program for managing EXIF/IPTC data in
      > images. A free program called Exifer that's available here:
      > http://www.friedemann-schmidt.com/software/exifer/

      Took a look at this page. It certainly looks as if Exifer is good at
      extracting and restoring EXIF/IPTC data and editing the existing data.
      However, it doesn't appear to offer the key part I'm interested in...
      searching for files held on a disk which match that data.

      It also seems to be a program that may have lost some of its raison d'etre.
      Most modern image editing software does now seem to be aware of EXIF/IPTC
      data. Perhaps this is why there's been no update since 2002?

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