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6685RE: [NTO] Re: IPTC Data - Photo Cataloguing (WAS: RE: [NTB] publishing pictures that

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  • Greg Chapman
    Aug 19, 2005
      Hi Jon,

      > As far as storing general comments about each image (not IPTC), I
      > use the Windows descript.ion file feature where a small text file
      > in each directory holds comment information about any or every
      > file in that directory. I can open and edit that descript.ion
      > file in NoteTab or in any of many other different ways.

      I wasn't aware that this was a "Windows feature". I had only come across
      its use in connection with Eric's "Easy Imager". Am I missing something?
      Having said that I hate the approach which scatters description information
      in every directory. It means you can't move files about without using the
      program that keeps these files updated when you move files about.

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