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6673Re: [NTO] Working with Adobe PDF docs.

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  • Jeffery Scism
    Aug 18, 2005
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      John Zeman wrote:

      >I have the full Acrobat program but I still extract the images the way Don suggests. I've found that when I extract images from within a pdf document using the Acrobat program, the images are not the original size (they're usually smaller) plus sometimes they come out sliced and diced into sections.
      As far as I can see if the program is basicly "read only" the only valid
      reason to use it would be for things that you DON'T want others to
      extract. And the problem is that people send me stuff in that format TO
      extract and place on a website.

      I guess it is screen shot time, and (how do you get the Off screen
      portion to capture?) jig saw puzzle time.


      Jeffery G. Scism, IBSSG

      I have Sturgis, and I am not afraid to use it.
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