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6654Re: [NTO] Any other strategies?

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  • Jody
    Aug 11, 2005
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      Hi Barry and Others,

      >I use a good firewall (Zone Alarm) and I have also installed a
      >small program called WinPatrol http://www.winpatrol.com/ which
      >alerts me immediately any attempt is made to alter my OS without
      >my knowledge or permission. I think nowadays that an AV program
      >is a must as well and there are a number of good freebies out
      >there http://www.free-av.com/antivirus/allinonen.html I know it's
      >bolting the stable door but you don't want the same think to
      >happen all over again.

      I have used ZoneAlarm for a number of years and it is my firm
      belief that it is far more import to use than an antivirus
      program. Actually, I find antivirus programs quite useless *for
      me* because of strict "rules" I have made like don't open eMail
      attachments or go to links unless you are expecting them from the
      person mailing them, and if not, I write them and ask if they
      included the attachment, link, etc. Virus protectors are good to
      have, so please don't take me wrong. I do use one and do suggest
      that everybody uses one, ***but*** do not trust them. They are
      not perfect, new viruses are sent out daily, and it depends on
      your antivirus software on how up to date they keep the
      signatures file, the files used to detect the viruses/worms, etc.
      Always use the: when in doubt, don't open it rule!!!

      Jody Adair
      Fookes Software Support
      Personal eMail Addresses from my Web Sites...


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