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6643Any other strategies?

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  • Adrian/ Rosemary Worsfold
    Aug 5, 2005
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      Two days on Broadband with my other computer and a virus has affected the dial up. It gives
      another user name, another password and a different number. It does the same for the dial up
      into the Broadband, but this cannot work as it does not rely on a telephone number but a
      special number. It also attempts to alter the home page, and if I have it at about blank it
      makes it http://"about blank. I cannot tell if the local host IP address of the computer is being
      changed or if it is being restored.

      If I reinstall the correct data for the dial ups and broadband, there is some stability but either
      after going on line or not the defective numbers go back in. This includes after many attempts
      to shift it.

      When this happened the first thing I noticed was a toolbar on every window. I shifted it with
      Spybot. Then going on to Broadband failed with the bogus number - I only hope that had it
      been dial up I'd have heard the wrong and shortened phone number (I have a long one to route
      it via a different telephone company, and has a distinct musical tune as a result).

      As well as the Spybot Norton Anti-virus found an adware and a dialer file dialer.exe and it
      also found that later, It removed usbn.exe which I saw previously and was concerned was
      based on the new ADSL connection. The problem has continued despite uninstalling and
      reinstalling Internet Explorer and removing Microsoft Networks, these after removing every dial
      up. I've gone after the unwanted changes with a registry cleaner, but it is unclear with that
      what is safe and what is not. Backing up data I have become more cavalier with the registry
      cleaner, but still have access to the computer when starting up

      I'm going to have the whole thing formatted and reinstalled, which of course has the nuisance
      of setting up the structure again that I prefer regarding shortcuts and user accounts.

      More than likely the virus is too far spread for anything other than a clean up. Incidentally
      although Windows 95 becomes worn out after a time and things have decayed needing a
      reinstall, it has never as far as I know received a virus and, except for the first months, I've
      never had an anti virus program on it. I've just been vigilant. This is two days into broadband. I
      know the mistake I made. A box appeared asking if I wanted to press OK or Cancel, and
      instead of disconnecting before pressing the x I just pressed the x. I suspect too that some
      unseen web pages have come into the system and spread their poison. I don't as a rule leave
      the broadband on, but it was on enough for the nasty invasion. I'm just wondering if any of
      you experts out there have another strategy prior to the clean up to try?

      Adrian Worsfold