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6635Re: [NTO] Re: Firefox help ... again

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Jul 11, 2005

      The Firefox release notes have some good information:


      The profile folder is located on these versions of Windows, by default
      (It can be specified at another location):

      Windows 2000, XP Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Application
      Windows NT WINNT\Profiles\<UserName>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox
      Windows 98, ME Windows\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox

      There is a profiles.ini, and pluginreg.dat and the directory with a
      "salted" name for each user in the Firefox directory as listed above.

      When you re-install Firefox, just copy the profile folder to the desired
      location, and you should be good to go.

      Larry Hamilton
      Kairos Computer Solutions
      Sales Affiliate for Grisoft Anti-Virus

      Christine wrote:

      >Ok, guys.
      >To beat a dead horse...
      >Can anyone tell me what files to save so I don't lose my settings, my
      >currently open tabs (very important!) and if necessary (I don't think so) my
      >favorites? (Are those IE driven?) IOW, is there a profile I should save?
      >Those currently open tabs I don't want to lose.
      >Thanks all.
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