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6630KatMouse/Huriricane Dennis: was Re: [A4M] error creating .pst file

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  • Alec Burgess
    Jul 8, 2005
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      > From a topic on the off topic list...
      > I'm still ticked pink over KatMouse that you suggest
      > Alec! Sure
      > it nice to scroll all windows in Notetab now without
      > having to
      > click twice, change single click to double click, etc.

      And once you get used to being able to scroll a Notetab window or a browser
      window in the background while leaving (say) an e-mail Compose window open
      and visible in the foreground it quickly becomes impossible to do anything
      without having KatMouse running :-)

      I checked out your FAQs - are you going to add a KatMouse tip to them?

      Hurricane Dennis:
      I've got CNN on in the background and while the Keys look like the area most
      a risk, one of the talking heads said it may wander up towards Pensacola :-(
      I hope this summer doesn't turn out like last one for you!

      Regards ... Alec
      ; ( ) { } [ ] \ | 9 0 + = () {} []

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