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6625Re: Re: [NTO] Re: [NTB] Mouse Wheel over Terminal Services Client

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  • Alec Burgess
    Jul 2, 2005

      > Does the mouse drivers make it so your wheel will scroll in the
      > Clipbook Library and Outline headings simply by holding the mouse
      > over those panes? I all versions of Windows and far back in
      > NoteTab I have only been able to get the Clips to scroll when I
      > make it double click to execute (Single click ... in Options -
      > unchecked) and then click on a Clip. I believe in the Outlines I
      > have to click twice on a heading in order to get the scroll/wheel
      > working. I think both of those are pretty typical at least for
      > the Point22 (MS) and EM_???? (for Logitech) extension drivers
      > running from the complaints I receive in support messages. Thanks!

      Just tested - three out of five ain't perfect but its better than nothing
      With KatMouse running and a Logitech cordless mouse:
      KatMouse http://kickme.to/katmouse

      I opened the clipList - F4, put it into split window mode showing an outline
      and and a regular text file and then opened a quickList on the right.


      Moving the mouse over the clip list, the OTL-body or the regular file body
      scrolls the one its on top of.

      It does *not* scroll the outline-headers pane or the QuickList by simply
      moving the mouse on top of them.

      However: it seems that ALL but the Outline Header and QuickList will always
      scroll them.
      If you click in the QuickList pane then all but OTL-Header scroll by moving
      on top.
      Similarily: Clicking on OTL-Header makes it and other three scroll, but not
      the QuickList.

      Note: when I disable KatMouse by clicking on its systray icon I get what you
      probably see:
      Click on any one of the five panes and it will scroll no matter what pane
      the mouse is on-top of.

      Note-2: There is another program that *DOES* scroll all five Notetab panes:
      I used it for a while but find KatMouse more responsive - YMMV :-)
      This program used to shareware but the author apparently decided to make it
      >>Although this product is no longer supported by the vendor, it does
      require registration. All users can register under the name "I Am Free" with
      the registration number 13601409<<

      I hope you find one or the other useful :-)

      Regards ... Alec
      ; ( ) { } [ ] \ | 9 0 + = () {} []

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      > Hi Alec,
      > >I haven't used Terminal Services Client but it *might* help to install
      > >freeware-KatMouse http://eduard.hiti.bei.t-online.de/index.html on the
      > >remote computer.
      > >
      > >This program has solved a lot of problems for me and others with
      > >on WinNT+ systems ie.
      > I've got Fookesability!
      > Although at times, no sensibility. <g>
      > http://clean-funnies.com
      > Jody
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