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6624[NTO] Adding pictures to CD in XP

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  • Fay Johnston
    Jul 2 12:07 AM
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      A photographer friend has XP home.
      She uses Nero to put a folder of pictures onto a CD.
      If she tries to add another folder later, the program says "This disc is not
      I brought several of these "not writeable" discs home, and in 98se, same
      Nero edition, was able to add folders without any problems.
      She's also tried a program called "Shampoo".
      The results are exactly the same.

      A variation is that a couple of the disks she's made have the same folder
      inside itself about a dozen times, but with nothing at all in the ultimate

      We've Googled and installed the patches MSoft offers for similar (but not
      exactly the same) problems. Nothing in Windows XP help. We ask it how to
      milk a cow and it tells us how to shear a camel.

      If someone has had this problem and solved it, we'd be so grateful if you'd
      tell us how.
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