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6595Re: Need Reg Exp

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    Jun 1, 2005
      > How can I remove the EOL characters which are NOT followed by three
      > without removing the rest?
      > IF ( <EOL> AND NOT <EOL + ^Sp^Sp^Sp> ) THEN set EOL ==
      > Thanks, Folks
      > Mike Hopkins
      > ironmike (AT) inav.net


      You could try it with

      \n{[^\s][^\s][^\s]} in the find box


      \n\1 in the replace box

      Test it first with a copy of your file, I only tested it on a a
      couiple of lines...

      \n = newline

      {everything in brackets} = restored by inserting \1 in the replace box

      [^\s] = any character but no space

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