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  • Mike Hopkins
    Jun 1, 2005
      I have a book saved in ".txt" format. It will be about 150 pages when

      My problem is that each line of the book has a hard coded EOL. There are
      also EOL characters between sections, after headers, etc.

      The EOL characters at the end of lines within paragraphs need to be removed
      so I can print the book without choppy lines of copy.

      The first line of each paragraph of straight text has three spaces of

      How can I remove the EOL characters which are NOT followed by three spaces
      without removing the rest?

      IF ( <EOL> AND NOT <EOL + ^Sp^Sp^Sp> ) THEN set EOL == <^Sp>;

      Thanks, Folks

      Mike Hopkins
      ironmike (AT) inav.net
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